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Office of the Commissioner for State Aid Control

Welcome to our Website

Welcome to the website of the Office of the Commissioner for State Aid Control.

The acquis communautaire on State aid control consists of a framework of rules set by the European Union on the terms and conditions under which Member States may grant State aid to undertakings in any form, such as cash grants, guarantees, loans, tax reliefs, etc. The institution of the Commissioner for State Aid Control functions complementary to the European Commission with the primary objective of promoting the widest possible adherence to Community State aid rules in Cyprus and avoiding potential illegalities.

These rules are part of the general competition policy of the European Union, which aims to maintain and strengthen the conditions for ensuring a level playing field among all European undertakings mainly for the benefit of European consumers, who should enjoy to the utmost degree the benefits of the internal market for goods and services.

On our site you can find information both on the legislative framework governing the granting of State aid and the activities of the Commissioner. Additionally the site contains all the decisions issued so far by our Office.

We hope that our website will prove to be a useful information tool for all stakeholders and individuals and that it will enhance direct communication with our Office.